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History and Mission of MOMRI

The Min-On Concert Association was established in 1963 in Tokyo with the goal of promoting cultural exchanges through music and the performing arts. Min-On can be translated as “music by/for/of the people,” and after completing fifty years of successful activities, in 2014 the Min-On Music Research Institute (MOMRI) was launched. Following the original spirit of Min-On, to strengthen the bonds between people through music, MOMRI’s mission is “to pursue a multidisciplinary investigation of the potential application of music in peacebuilding activities.” We study a wide range of activities that seek to protect human rights, social justice, cosmopolitan education, the integrity of our biosphere, and many other issues, and ask when music could play a role, what that role might be, how and why. This MOMRI-Hub is offered as an open space to facilitate connection, exchanges and information between all those interested in the intersection between musicking and peacebuilding.